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Buchholz Relay & Oil Surge Relay

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We are associated with renowned transportation providers to ensure delivery of consignments is carried out without a glitch and in a timely manner. Keeping in compliance with the international standards, we ensure that the raw materials used for varied products are 100% certified and quality approved. This helps us in maintaining a set standard of our products.

Exclusive Features of our Buchholz Relay & Oil Surge Relay

  • Body is made of single piece die cast aluminium alloy instead of casted CI body, in which micro cracks may give leakage at any time.
  • No need to treat for porosity, since no micro cracks are developed.
  • With mercury or magnetic reed switch; NO or NC contact as required.
  • Built-in test facility for checking continuity of both – alarm and trip circuits.
  • Compact & hence, low weight design with high efficiency.
  • We also manufacture Oil Surge Relays for protection of O.L.T.C.

Available in 3 sizes for pipe diameter:

  • 25 mm (GOR – 1).
  • 50 mm (GOR – 2)
  • 80 mm (GOR – 3)
  • We manufacture relay with mercurry or magnetic read switch.
  • Switch rating : 2AMP / 240 CODES