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Magnetic Oil Level Gauge (MOG)

Magnetic Oil Gauge is used to show the level of Oil inside the conservator tank of the transformer. Additionaly it can also give an alarm when the oil level reduces below minimum and/or maximum admitted level.


Exclusive Features of our Magnetic Oil Gauge

  • Full body made out of Aluminium LM-6 Die Casting for zero leakage and better finish.
  • Nitrophyl solid Float for Leak-proof float body.
  • Gear teeth are completely Meshed for Smooth Movement of the pointer.
  • Magnets are placed in a special manner to ensure complete Synchronization in their movement.
  • UV proof pure Polyester powder-coated body finished with seven tank hot Chromatic cleaning process.
  • Dial calibration and Alarm position can be set as per customer requirement.

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PF – 4 (100mm)

PF – 6 (150mm)

PF - 10 (250mm)

PF - 10 (Aircell)