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Welcome to SHREE-JI GROUP!! >> OUR COMPAN IES - Engineering Art Industry, Him-Pushp Engineers, Press-N-Forge, Shree-Ji Powerlines, Shree-Ji International >> PRODUCTS WE MANUFACTURE - Buchholz Relay & Oil Surge Relay, Bushings - Metal Parts, Cable Connector Assembly, L.V. Windings / Coils, Linear Tap Changer, Magnetic Oil Level Gauge (MOG), Oil Drain Device, Pressure Relief Valve (PRV), Prismatic Oil Level Gauge (POG), Radiator (Butterfly) Valve, Silica Gel Breather, Wheel (Roller) Assembly, Copper Conductors, Flexible Copper Connectors
Bushings - Metal Parts

Bushings are intermediate components that help in connecting the overhead cables to the transformer windings.


Exclusive Features of our Bushings

  • For all types of transformers such as power generation, distribution, booster, furnace, induction, locomotive, etc.
  • For entire range of bushing ratings from 1 to 72 kV & 100 to 10,000 Amps.
  • As per IS / DIN / BS / customer's requirement.
  • Many components made by forging or die-casting for dimensional accuracy & consistency coupled with mass production.
  • We also make special and supporting components such as bushing clamps, supports, arcing horns, wiping glands, gaskets, sealing washers, hardware (nuts, bolts, plain & spring washers).
  • In-house electro-plating plant gives guaranteed plating thickness.
  • We supply entire assembly with bushing as ready-to-use kits, duly plated if required.

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